Notice: E-Calcs can only be used with Microsoft Excel

1. Calculate units of single phase loads showing the cost to run such loads.

2. Calculate units of three phase loads showing the cost to run such loads.

3. Calculate the neutral current from an imbalanced three phase system.

4. Calculations based around Ohms Law including volt drop.

5. Calculate the cost of electrical energy used.

6. Calculate the cost of gas energy used.

7. Confirm by regulation, the size and length of an electrical cable.
Simply answer 25 easy to understand questions with live feedback to assist

your cable design adhering to the current IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2018.

Sizer 1Ph Neutral Energy 3Ph OhmsLaw Energy Sizer Sizer <1 <2 <3 <4 <5 <6 BS7671 2018 CABLE CALCULATOR

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How to use

Download and open the zipfile using password is: 1234

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Requirements: Microsoft Excel

How to use: Answer each section, read the guidance panel as this provides your options;

Section 1: Device protection, 1Ph or 3Ph, Voltage, AC or DC and design current required at the end of the cable.

Section 2: Type of cable, Installation method including any derating factors and the overall length of the cable.

Section 3: Line conductors - Cores, Parallel lines, Radial or Ring, Class type and CSA.

Section 4: CPC conductors - Cores, Grouped, CPC type, Sheath type and CPC CSA.

E-Calcs will only allow you to select cables recognised by the IET BS7671 2018 regulations.

During each question, a guidance panel will provide you with any available options based on your previous answer.

When question 25 is reached, it’s current carrying capacity, volt drop and CPC size will be displayed and verified.

Once your design has been verified, add circuit information and save your design, up to 2000 results can be stored.

Make changes to your design at any stage, any design issues will be presented highlighted red as you work.

View cable information in detail, as E-Calcs includes links to external cable suppliers data sheets.

This app has been designed and written by an electrical technician and verified by many more.

For more information about E-Calcs, select the Calculators tab.



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