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Site wide LV distribution made easy, manages upto 80 x 12 Way TP&N split load distribution boards, details how your LV system is made up, counts all types of cables I.e 6491B, SWA, 1 & 3 pole MCB’s etc and shows on a daily basis how much Dead & Live testing has been carried out, creates busbar & main cover MCB legends, DB Charts & easy to follow circuit testing schedules.  Use Distboard Manager to identify design failures prior to installation and produce an accurate schedule of new or modified electrical circuits upon works completed.

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Distboard Manager

Written to assist my job role as an onsite electrical technician, I developed this application to summarise an entire LV system from its main panel to it’s end DB’s.

Some Excel knowledge is advisable but not a total requirement, Distboard Manager is easy to use and quick to learn, provides detailed reports and test schedules.



Note: Distboard Manager is not a circuit design tool, it can not calculate cable sizes or loads, it’s function is to assist you manage your LV system where a pre-designed LV system is entered and broken down to it’s component parts detailing Hardware, Cabling, Circuit Protection, Installation % and Testing %.


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